No More DELAYS!!!!

“Your Delay is Over – Your Time is Now!”

The word delay in the Greek is Cognate: 1019 bradýnō – it means to loiter, be unduly slow. “The word implies, besides delay, the idea of lateness with reference to an appointed time.”

The works of the “spirit of delay” manifest itself in several areas such as: the promotion in your workplace that should have come by now; that marriage that should have manifested by now; healing in your body that you have been believing God for; that house that you should have had by now; that financial breakthrough that should have manifested in your life by this time; that door  that should have opened for you by this time; that contract that should have been signed by now but for some reason, you are still waiting for it to happen. The word of God says, ‘hope deferred (or delayed) makes the heart sick.’  In other words, the plan of the devil is to bring you into the kind of delay that will make you get discouraged and give up all by yourself.    

But today I declare and decree “No More Delays!”  

No more delays… the areas of breakthrough, finances, healing, setbacksno more postponement! A release of___________ (fill in the blank as you pray) it is no longer held up, postponed, or delayed.

  • Jesus can step into an out of season moment and make it IN SEASON NOW!  How does Jesus do this?…  He spoke it Declared, Decreed, and Established It!  
  • The key to moving into your season is knowing what God believes!  God believes in the finished work that He gave Jesus to do.  We have the ability to move into our season if we use the same faith God displayed in Jesus. We can then participate in loosing those things in heaven and on earth.
  • We are waiting on God to do something – however, God is waiting on us to do something! We cannot afford to stay in a posture of waiting.  Our delay is over when we say it is over. Speak It!  ~ The Word of God is a seed and it always proposers (Jeremiah 29:11).
  • We extend our season because we are dull of hearing (Hebrews 5:12, NKJV).  God’s voice is our invitation to participate in His goodness for our life. We must believe in faith and responded to Him with our “mouth”.  
  • The hand of the spirit realm is your mouth – God is waiting for us to participate – speak heaven to earth.
  • God is not in control, He is in Authority!  He doesn’t want to control/dominate us, He wants a relationship of love.
  • Jesus came to shed light on our identity (John 1:1-16).  We don’t understand the magnitude of our capabilities to go beyond cancer or poverty.
  • God desires to demonstrative Himself in and through man.

Declarations and Decrees:

I pull down every stronghold of stagnation, delay, limitation and setbacks in MY LIFE and declare a supernatural release now in Jesus name!

I declare that everything that has made any area of MY LIFE dormant and unfruitful in the past cease to exist. I release the fruit of the spirit and fruitfulness in every area so that go forth as a flourishing and fruitful vine.

I decree and declare that the wealth of the wicked is no longer laid up for ME. but is released now! Let those who hold on to what God has said they should let go, release it! I command the adversary to “cough it up, spit it out, loose it, release it and let it go! (Job 20:15-18; Ps. 66:12; Eccles. 2.26)

I declare the following in and over MY family: no more postponement of blessings; we will no longer be the one to come last in terms of achievements; no more backwardness in our life; no more obstacles in our life; no more of those distractions from people and unforeseen complications; no more frustrations in our life; I declare no more unnecessary battles; no more delays in the release of those appointment and promotion letters; no more delay in the signing of those checks!

I say with boldness no more stagnation, limitations, delays, setbacks. For what I have bound on earth has been bound in heaven and what I release on earth is release in heaven!

The Unwrapped Gift

Material gifts and spiritual gifts are very similar in the aspect of how they are unwrapped? They must be unwrapped by a person or process. A gift will lay dormant until it is opened. Who or what process has God placed in your life to unwrap your spiritual gifts? There are different kinds of spiritual gifts, but they are all from the same Spirit. Paul said: “There are different ways to serve, but we serve the same Lord. And there are different ways that God works in people, but it is the same God who works in all of us to do everything.” (1 Corinthians 12:4-6, ERV)

God uses his spirit to operate our spiritual gifts. However, the gifts must first be open to be used unless they lay dormant. God opens our spiritual gifts through a person or through a process or situation in our life that causes pressure.

In the bible, Joseph’s gifts were opened by his brothers and Potiphar. Joseph was the most loved son of his father. He was given the famous robe of many colors. When Joseph reported having dreams of his brothers, and even the stars and moon, bowing before him, and their jealousy of Joseph grew into action.  The brothers sold him into slavery to a traveling caravan of Ishmaelites who took him to Egypt and sold him to Potiphar, the captain of Pharaoh’s guard.

In Egypt, the Lord’s presence with Joseph enables him to find favor with Potiphar and the keeper of the prison.  With God’s help, Joseph interprets the dreams of two prisoners, predicting that one of them will be reinstated but the other put to death.  Joseph then interprets the dreams of the Pharaoh, which anticipate seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine. Pharaoh recognizes Joseph’s God-given ability and prompts his promotion to the chief administrator of Egypt. Who or what process is God using to open your gifts?

Sometimes there is a process to  unwrapping your   gifts. Some gifts come with layers and layers of wrappings just like the process in making  a natural pearl form when an irritant – usually a parasite and not the proverbial grain of sand – works its way into an oyster, mussel, or clam. As a defense mechanism, a fluid is used to coat the irritant. Layer upon layer of this coating, called ‘nacre’, is deposited until a lustrous pearl is formed.

In this process, the nacre is used to form, reveal and unwrap the pearl which is the gift. Who or what in your life is being used to unwrap your gift to the world? God uses people or processes or situations to reveal, form and unwrap our gifts. Stop avoiding the process to being unwrapped by God.

How God unwrapped my prophetic gift?

 In 2001, I received the gift of speaking in tongues through Holy Spirit . Thus, I would go to intercessory prayer on Friday nights and I would pray with other saints on behalf of the church . However, I always felt as if I had more to give to the body than speaking in tongues. See, speaking in tongues is to edify you as well as praying the mysteries of God. Also, you are cultivating your love relationship with God.

Paul said: “Love should be the goal of your life, but you should also want to have the gifts that come from the Spirit. And the gift you should want most is to be able to prophesy. I will explain why. Those who have the gift of speaking in a different language are not speaking to people. They are speaking to God. No one understands them—they are speaking secret things through the Spirit. But those who prophesy are speaking to people. They help people grow stronger in faith, and they give encouragement and comfort. Those who speak in a different language are helping only themselves. But those who prophesy are helping the whole church. (1Corinthians 14:1-4, ERV)

It was my desire to help the whole church with my gift of intercession. So, God used the leader of the intercessory prayer ministry to unwrap my gift. Just as Joseph received favor from Potiphar and the keeper of the prison, I received favor from the leader of the intercessory prayer ministry. See, I was always a part of the intercessory prayer ministry at one location but my gift of prophetic intercession was lying dormant because no one ever unwrapped  it at that location.

However, when I moved to a different location within the same ministry, my gift made room for me.  Gifts can open many doors and help you meet important people (Proverbs 18:16 ERV). My gift of intercession opened the door for me to meet the intercessory prayer leader at a different location. She recognized that I had the gift of prophetic intercession. See, I   had a strong desire to encourage, exalt and edify the body of Christ through prayer and prophesying during intercessory prayer. So, that is what I did when I would pray but I did not know my gift was being unwrapped. I endured the process.

As this leader would allow me to prophesy during prayer, my gift was being unwrapped layer by layer just like when a pearl is being formed with the ‘nacre’. My gift is still being unwrapped layer by layer. However, through this process God continues to show me how strong I am through the process. Listen, as you are being unwrapped and revealed many are going to enjoy your gift and some will not appreciate your gift. Don’t be discouraged by the people that don’t appreciate and receive your gift. See, you just have to dust your feet off and keep it moving just as Jesus did in his hometown. 

He came to the world that was his own. And his own people did not accept him. But some people did accept him. They believed in him, and he gave them the right to become children of God. (John 1:11 ERV)    

 So, I encourage you beloved, whatever gift   God wants to unwrap in you be open to the process. Don’t resist certain people that maybe an irritant to you. Although, my leader was not an irritant to me, she was always very encouraging. However, this will not be the case for everybody’s unwrapping. God could be using them to unwrap   you even though they may be an irritant. Don’t resist the uncomfortable process. Develop in the fruit of long-suffering and patience. God wants to use your gifts to bring him glory. However, we must be willing to be  unwrapped by God. Ask God to give you a working revelation of whom or what situation is to  unwrap you? As God reveals to you, he is getting ready to manifest your gifts to the world Beloved.        

God uses people and or processes to unwrap your gift

So, I encourage you beloved, whatever gift   God wants to unwrap in you be open to the process. Don’t resist certain people that maybe an irritant to you. Although, my leader was not an irritant to me, she was always very encouraging. However, this will not be the case for everybody’s unwrapping. God could be using them to unwrap   you even though they may be an irritant. Don’t resist the uncomfortable process. Develop in the fruit of long-suffering and patience. God wants to use your gifts to bring him glory. However, we must be willing to be  unwrapped by God. Ask God to give you a working revelation of whom or what situation is to  unwrap you? As God reveals to you, he is getting ready to manifest your gifts to the world Beloved.        

 Be encouraged   Beloved you are a gift to the world!

Prayer: Dear Father, I exalt you above anything in my life. I give you all of the honor and glory. I can do nothing apart from you Lord. I surrender my hands, feet, eyes and heart to you father. I  pray for you to reveal my gifts to me and cultivate my gifts through the Holy Spirit. Open up the eyes of my heart to discern when to use my gifts for your glory. I pray that I am willing to be unwrapped by you father and through whatever process you see fit for me to bring you glory. I pray that your will be done on earth as it is in heaven in my life in Jesus name.



Prayers for the Supernatural

A Life of GraceGod requires us to do the impossible. God wants us to do the supernatural. He wants us to perform signs, wonders and miracles.

James 1:2  My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials

  Luke 1:37  For nothing will be impossible with God.”

2 Corinthians 4:18 NIV 18 So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

Dear Father in Heaven,

I come into your presence giving you all the honor and glory. You are so worthy to be praised father! I exalt thee higher than any situation or issue that I might be facing at this time. I acknowledge as my all and all Jehovah . I can do nothing apart from you God. 

I praise God for the benefit of a continuous joyful year. I pray and thank God for causing His goodness and mercy to make a difference in my life.

I pray that the eyes of mercy and favor of the Almighty shall rest upon my  life for good.

I pray that I  will have a pure heart. A heart changed through the word of God in 2019.

 I pray that the word of God gets down on the inside of my heart and becomes engrafted into my soul.

I pray that I will participate in the things of God while in faith.

I pray I will experience God’s strength through rejoicing and anticipating God to do great things in my life for 2019.

I pray that I will participate while waiting on my breakthrough. For with God all things are possible.

 I pray that the covenant of long life shall be my portion and that of my children.

I pray for divine increase numerically, spiritually and materially upon my family.

I pray that I  will have the strength to operate in the Supernatural through the fruit of joy.  I pray that I acknowledge that my joy is the measurement of our strength.

I pray for the grace of God for the government and our President to be more kingdom focus, relevant and relentless in the work of the Lord.

I pray that every need of the church would be richly met by the inexhaustible resources of our God.

I pray that I acknowledge that it’s not in my own ability but  God’s Grace empowers me to do the word of God.

I pray that I will cease in backbiting and complaining and began to love one another as I  love myself

I pray that I will  have a heart of humility.

I decree that the Holy Spirit will begin to do in our midst more than we can ever imagine, prayed or think and with God all things are possible.

 `I pray for the supernatural of notable miracles to begin to occur that will advertise the power of the God to heal, deliver, and set free.

I pray for the zeal of God’s house to consume every kingdom worker in our midst. Pray that the body of believers at  will have a servanthood heart.

I pray for God to prepare me for the next level in my kingdom assignment

I decree that the word of God for me and my family for 2019 run very swiftly to accomplish His divine purpose in  my life and my  family life.

I pray over my life and  my family that the word of God would grow in our midst and prevail over every contrary word and act.

I pray that I will have the fruit of joy.

Physically and spiritually decree and declare that I will not faint and I shall not fall.

 I decree and declare that daily from you Lord, I receive the strength to mount up with wings as eagle.

I decree and declare that daily from you Lord, I receive the strength to run without becoming weary and to walk without fainting

I decree and declare in the day of trouble I will triumph because my God will never leave nor abandon me.

Today by the mercy of the Lord, I  pray I and my family  triumph over authority and power of darkness arrayed against the lives and our God given calling.

Lord I thank you for your good plans for my future and the future of my loved ones.

O Lord arise and silence every power attacking your glory in my life.

Father, I hide myself in you, immunize me against every aggression directed towards my life and destiny.

This 2019 year  by the unfailing grace of God, I remove every virtue waster out my life.

I decree in the name of Jesus, that my thirst for holiness, my passion for prayers and my zeal for the Lord’s service shall be renewed daily.

Father you are the God of inexhaustible riches and abundance, let all my depleted resources be resupplied this 2019 year in the name of Jesus.

I decree that God’s covenant of victory shall be established over my life.

I declare Victory in the name of Jesus!