No More DELAYS!!!!

“Your Delay is Over – Your Time is Now!”

The word delay in the Greek is Cognate: 1019 bradýnō – it means to loiter, be unduly slow. “The word implies, besides delay, the idea of lateness with reference to an appointed time.”

The works of the “spirit of delay” manifest itself in several areas such as: the promotion in your workplace that should have come by now; that marriage that should have manifested by now; healing in your body that you have been believing God for; that house that you should have had by now; that financial breakthrough that should have manifested in your life by this time; that door  that should have opened for you by this time; that contract that should have been signed by now but for some reason, you are still waiting for it to happen. The word of God says, ‘hope deferred (or delayed) makes the heart sick.’  In other words, the plan of the devil is to bring you into the kind of delay that will make you get discouraged and give up all by yourself.    

But today I declare and decree “No More Delays!”  

No more delays… the areas of breakthrough, finances, healing, setbacksno more postponement! A release of___________ (fill in the blank as you pray) it is no longer held up, postponed, or delayed.

  • Jesus can step into an out of season moment and make it IN SEASON NOW!  How does Jesus do this?…  He spoke it Declared, Decreed, and Established It!  
  • The key to moving into your season is knowing what God believes!  God believes in the finished work that He gave Jesus to do.  We have the ability to move into our season if we use the same faith God displayed in Jesus. We can then participate in loosing those things in heaven and on earth.
  • We are waiting on God to do something – however, God is waiting on us to do something! We cannot afford to stay in a posture of waiting.  Our delay is over when we say it is over. Speak It!  ~ The Word of God is a seed and it always proposers (Jeremiah 29:11).
  • We extend our season because we are dull of hearing (Hebrews 5:12, NKJV).  God’s voice is our invitation to participate in His goodness for our life. We must believe in faith and responded to Him with our “mouth”.  
  • The hand of the spirit realm is your mouth – God is waiting for us to participate – speak heaven to earth.
  • God is not in control, He is in Authority!  He doesn’t want to control/dominate us, He wants a relationship of love.
  • Jesus came to shed light on our identity (John 1:1-16).  We don’t understand the magnitude of our capabilities to go beyond cancer or poverty.
  • God desires to demonstrative Himself in and through man.

Declarations and Decrees:

I pull down every stronghold of stagnation, delay, limitation and setbacks in MY LIFE and declare a supernatural release now in Jesus name!

I declare that everything that has made any area of MY LIFE dormant and unfruitful in the past cease to exist. I release the fruit of the spirit and fruitfulness in every area so that go forth as a flourishing and fruitful vine.

I decree and declare that the wealth of the wicked is no longer laid up for ME. but is released now! Let those who hold on to what God has said they should let go, release it! I command the adversary to “cough it up, spit it out, loose it, release it and let it go! (Job 20:15-18; Ps. 66:12; Eccles. 2.26)

I declare the following in and over MY family: no more postponement of blessings; we will no longer be the one to come last in terms of achievements; no more backwardness in our life; no more obstacles in our life; no more of those distractions from people and unforeseen complications; no more frustrations in our life; I declare no more unnecessary battles; no more delays in the release of those appointment and promotion letters; no more delay in the signing of those checks!

I say with boldness no more stagnation, limitations, delays, setbacks. For what I have bound on earth has been bound in heaven and what I release on earth is release in heaven!

The Woman Who Bleed for 12 Years

There was a woman with an issue of bleeding for 12 years. She heard that there was a “healer” in town . So, she went to see the healer about her issue because she was out of money. You see, she spent all of her money with all of the top physicians all over town. However, they were unable to cure her issue of bleeding. Therefore, she had nothing to lose by going to see this healer in town. This healer had a reputation of doing miracles, signs and wonders right on the spot!

When she arrived to that “ There place” with this man called Jesus. The crowd was so thick! So, thick she could not see how to touch Jesus. The crowd was pressing in to get to Jesus! Listen, this woman was not the only one with an issue. Everyone there had an issue of some sort. Some had high blood pressure issues, diabetes issues, arthritis issues, depression issues, financial issues, relationship issues, job place issues just issues! Everyone was pressing in to touch Jesus to get rid of their issues!

Nevertheless, this woman who had suffered for 12 long years with the issue of bleeding did not let this crowd stop her from pressing in from behind to reach Jesus. She saw that the crowd was so tight she could not get through the crowd by walking. You see she was desperate to touch Jesus because she knew that if you could just touch just a fiber of Jesus, just touch the hem of his garment she would be healed.

This woman realized that she could no longer put her faith in man for her issue. She had to believe in the master of healing her issue. The master Jesus! This woman got on the ground and began to crawl from the back of the crowd and pressed her way to the front. This woman got a glimpse of Jesus’ hem on his garment. See, she was determined and believed to touch any part of him to be healed!

This woman got on her knees on the ground with the crowd all around her. People were stepping on her but it did not matter. She was on a mission to touch Jesus. She pressed and pressed and pressed towards the hem of Jesus’ garment! Finally, she touched just the hem of his garment.

Jesus ask his disciples, “ Who touched me?” The disciples told Jesus “ I am sure it could be one of the many here in the press! Jesus said “ virtue has left my body” again Jesus asked “ who touched me?” The woman who touched Jesus, confessed to Jesus that it was her who had touched him. Jesus, acknowledged the woman and said “  Daughter your faith has made you whole, go in peace”

What issues in your life need to be healed? What measures are you willing to go through to get to the master? Do you have faith that Jesus can make you whole?

Get to that “ There Place” and press into Jesus to be made whole! Touch Jesus and have him say “ Who touched me?” Press into the power of Jesus to receive everything that Jesus wants to give you. He wants us to be made whole in every area of our life!

Reference: Luke 8: 43-48

Jesus healed every who came to him for healing: Matthew 12:15, Matthew 8:16, Matthew 19:2, Matthew 6:56

If you don’t know Jesus as your Lord and Savior? Just ask him to come into your heart and be Lord over your life today. This is not about religion. It is about relationship with the father in heaven. Confessing that I believe that Jesus died on the cross and arose and now lives! You now have the ability to have a divine relationship with Jesus and the father.You have just received salvation. Get into a bible teaching church and watch God change your life and fix your issues!

Romans 10:9-10

Maybe you have salvation, you just may need to recommit to Jesus? Sometimes, we get so blinded by our issues that we forget to take it to the master to fix. Allow Jesus to heal your issues.