Prophectic Word by Regina Holder: ” 2019 will be the Year of Opened Doors!”

2019 will be the year of the open door! The open door for healing, the open door for new job opportunities, the open door for new relationships, the open door for financial prosperity, the open door for restoration in every area of your life! This is the year for recompense! Everything the enemy has stolen from you will be returned with compound interest. He must repay. This is the year that the Seven-fold Edenic anointing will be out poured from my heavens among my people. Beloved, expect double for your trouble! Doors that were previously shut will now open, allow your gift to make room for you. You will not and shall not be denied open access to my blessings. You shall not except substitutes, anything that opposes my will is a substitute, counterfeit and fake! Do not enter into false pretentious situations expecting to find me there. As you enter into these open doors, line up the atmosphere with my will which is my word. Expect my presence to meet you at that “There Place”. My presence will also go before you to meet you “There”. Keep your conversation Godly on your way to that “There Place”. Speak my word over your situation, in your situation and through your situation. Bear lasting fruit on this journey and continue to bring me your praises and worship!